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Story of teaser

Japan is the world’s top producer of plastic.
In addition, as a result of the Ministry of the Environment survey in 2016, Hakodate was the first in the ratio of artifacts (plastic etc.) in the drifting thing in the coast of the whole Japan.
There are a large number of convenience stores and restaurants that can take out, and the consumption of plastic per capita, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups and straws, is the first or second place in the world.

Not only Japan but plastic bags and microplastics that drift the ocean are becoming a major problem worldwide.
Overseas, the movement to reduce plastic production and use is accelerating, and the G7 Summit in Canada presented the “Marine Plastics Charter”.
Five countries, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada, and the EU signed the Marine Plastics Charter, which promotes plastic regulations in their own country, but the United States and Japan have not.
Lack of preparation such as legal maintenance is the cause of not signing.
In the future, Japan will aim to lead the world’s plastic measures by “plastic resource circulation strategy” and so on.

We teaser starts with what we can do with the handling of plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic bags.
Let’s clean the sea for ​​everyone with our hands!